Your tailor-made entry

into the European market



  • G2E will execute a thorough market analysis providing you an in depth view of the market and its growth potential. This will include  detailed insight into the market size, competitive landscape, entry barriers and key players.

Overall Strategy development

  • G2E will develop or assist you in executing a comprehensive business strategy and financial framework covering sales, marketing, product development and HR.

Execution/Change management

  • G2E will drive or assist implementing strategies by establishing delivery guidelines and benchmarks.
  • G2E will use its network to locate institutional and industrial investors for your project. Additionally G2E can assist you in preparing the respective presentation material through to the contractual phase if required.
  • G2E is well connected into the European talent pool and can assist you to acquire and attract the ideal talents for your project.

Product Requirements

  • G2E will undertake detailed competitor analysis and market research to define the best suited product requirements for your successful market entry/expansion.

Product realization

  • G2E has the expertise and resources to develop your IT projects using onshore and nearshore resources. This includes App developments, online shops or complex IT projects.
  • G2E will help you to fill the gaps in your product portfolio by bringing in the rights partners or acquisition targets.



  • G2E will drive your product launch in Europe by assembling the right marketing mix.
  • G2E will develop the required marketing and sales material (website, collaterals, tools).
  • G2E will engage with the relevant PR and experts for each respective market segment.



  • G2E will develop a clear go-to-market strategy. This will include target segments and target customers.
  • G2E will develop with you a pricing strategy.
  • G2E will define the required sales teams and sales channels.

Customer acquisition

  • G2E will work as your direct sales team or sales team extension engaging directly with the target customers and markets identifying and closing projects.
  • G2E will enhance your overall market presence with trade-show, PR, Social Media activities.

Revenue generation

  • G2E will, if required,  negotiate on you behalf the contractual delivery framework with the end customer.
  • G2E will, if requested, mediate delivery and financial issues with the end customer.




G2E will support you to develop a cohesive strategy to enter or expand your presence in the European market

The G2E team has realized complex hardware and software projects. We can assist you in all of your product cycle.

With G2E you have the right partner to bring your B2B or B2C product onto the market.


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